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Plugin Boy Introduction
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Plugin Boy is created solely by me, and it is an ongoing online graphic novel. It appears once a week at Included here is a four page excerpt. Use the arrows on the top of each page to cycle through the sample pages.

Here is the basic Premise of Plugin Boy:

Plugin Boy is the story of XT-36a, a suicidal robotic teenager forced to live life plugged into a giant wall outlet. It's an existential sci-fi soap opera taking place in the near future. Plugin Boy was created by Diane, a robotic engineer married to an alcoholic and infertile plastic surgeon named Henry. Driven by her desire to be a mother, Diane creates an artificial boy, XT-36a. The creation of this robot boy is a physical manifestation of Henry's inability to have children, and thus a strong hatred is fostered on the part of Henry towards XT-36a. Plugin Boy's story focuses primarily on the emotional toll his existence takes on his "family".

Plugin Boy has developed quite a following the past three years, having a very dedicated fan base and a weekly e-newsletter.

Plugin Boy © 2001-04 Roy Boney, Jr.