Dead Eyes Open (formerly known as "Deadies"; currently published by Slave Labor Graphics)
Graphic novel, illustrated by Roy Boney, Jr. and written by Matthew Shepherd, about the social/political aspects of "zombies" if after death, they came back retaining their intelligence and memories. What if the dead did return to life? Would your senator remain your senator? Would your job still be yours if you died and came back as a zombie? Other pressing social issues also get zombified.

Pencil Samples for Comic Books (2004)

The images here are sample pencil pages submitted to various comic book publishers.

Plugin Boy (2001- 2004)
The acclaimed online graphic novel of a suicidal teenage robotic boy forced to live life plugged into a wall. Not recommended for those under the age of 14 due to language, violence, and thematic elements. (UPDATE 3/25/2004: On hiatus due to work on forthcoming print comic; returning this summer). Written and Illustrated by Roy Boney, Jr.

The License (2003)
Fist flying fury featured twice a week on comics subscription site Graphic Smash. Illustrated by Roy Boney, Jr. Written by Matt Shepherd*. (The most recent edition is always free, though a subscription is required to see any past editions.)

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